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Not your average cloud-based collaboration platform, Groupshare allows you to share, collaborate and synchronize your data anywhere, anytime. Powered by Intraworks, Groupshare offers multi-platform support, is fully customizable, and uses 448-bit Blowfish encryption to securely synchronize your data to our private data center in Nanaimo, BC. Want a custom-branded Groupshare of your own? Let our IT consulting team know!

Groupshare Docs/Drive

Say goodbye to the days of pouring money into hefty server expenses, long training sessions, and constantly worrying about security costs. Groupshare is easy-to-use, offers hassle-free setup, and includes ironclad security measures that you can trust. Store, access, and share your files and data online without using space on your devices while enjoying features such as:

  • Full Compatibility with Office Word/Excel/Powerpoint
  • Real-time Synchronization Over All Devices
  • Ideal for Mobile and Remote Users (Offline or Online)
  • Fully Customizable and Private Servers Available
  • Your Data is Safe and Always Stored in Canada
  • Dedicated Customer Support
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